Keith Haring Ecridor ballpoint met etui

Artikelcode: CC0890.023
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  • de hexagon body is van messing met een platina coating
  • diepgefreesde guilloche* van een van de emblematische patronen van Keith Haring
  • drukknop met Keith Haring handtekening (laser gravering)
  • Goliath vulling medium zwart
  • compleet met elegant runderlederen etui (16 x 3,6 cm)
  • in rood pennenblik met Keith Haring opdruk (10,4 x 18 x 3,5 cm)

*geometrische decoratie die uit een veelheid van dunne lijnen bestaat die samen een maaswerk van bogen en golven vormen


Keith Haring (1958-90) was one of the most renowned of the young artists, filmmakers, musicians, and performers whose work responded to urban street culture of the 1980s. Inspired by the graffiti artists whose marks covered the city’s subway cars, Haring began to draw in white chalk over the black paper used to cover vacant advertising panels. Not only was Haring able to reach a large and diverse audience with his subway drawings, but, eventually, the subway became, as Haring said, a “laboratory” for working out his ideas. As early as 1980, Haring began exhibiting in galleries and museums around the world, but continued to participate in public projects, including literacy campaigns and anti-AIDS initiatives. 

He famously opened his own shops to sell t-shirts and other products, making his art accessible to everyone, not just art collectors. Keith created powerful symbols and icons in his art that he used to communicate with people at all levels. His iconography has become part of the popular culture and is a widely recognized visual language worldwide. 

For nearly 40 years his iconic, instantly recognizable images have been used to spread his message of peace and love.